Wątek: Prohibition/Psi-Blocker  (Przeczytany 1939 razy)

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Lista stworzona przez jednego z sędziów. Wrzucam, żeby wszyscy mieli pod ręką.

Psi-Blocker/Prohibition List: Ups and Downs, Ins and Outs
(This list is unofficial as far as the TCG goes, but I still do feel it is a useful reference. As it currently stands, we do not have any rulings from a TCG official source regarding Prohibition or Psi-Blocker. In the event this does change, any differences will be updated, but you should use the one provided by Konami before this one.)
What you can and cannot do with a card declared by Psi-Blocker:


Monster Card:

  • Normal Summon or Set
  • Special Summon
  • Be placed on the field
  • Be used as a Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Material Monster
  • Attack
  • Manually change its battle position
  • Activate its effects that start a Chain (including mandatory effects)
  • Apply its Continuous Effects

Spell/Trap Card:

  • Activate the card, or any of its effects
  • Apply any Continuous Effects
  • Set


Monster Card:

Spell/Trap Card:

General things you should know:

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