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Hi, I'm new! I wanted to share this project with you. Yu-Gi-Ball is a project born 1 year ago. It's a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball. The cards have a complete art form, as you can see. We can play this game on a PC simulator, called LackeyCCG: we organize tournaments there; We even have a list of forbidden and limited cards, even if there are no forbidden cards because I can always edit them on Photoshop. Here you are the complete list of cards published so far. I hope you like them!


PS: We have daily updates on our Telegram channel, where we publish a new card every day: if you are interested, send me a private message because I do not wish to spam.

Some examples:

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I am from Anime Crime Divison[ACD]. We are currently investigating the case of theft of Legendary card SSJ DARK MAGICIAN. The card is only one existing copy and it is an outcome of collaboration between akira toriyama and kazuki takahashi. Your work seems to have something in common with stolen cards. Please visit your nearest police department in order to give evidence.

Kind regard.
Officer Hogan.


ahah funny, at least somebody commented :P
i would love to receive more feedback :)
thank you anyways ;D

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