Wątek: [OCG][RD/KP02] Deck Modification Pack: Shocking Lightning Attack!!  (Przeczytany 1249 razy)

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Całkowicie nowa gra format naszej ulubionej gry! Trzy miejsca na potwory jak w Speed Duel, ale gramy tylko potworami! Oto pierwsze produkty związane z tą nowością!

Deck Modification Pack -
Hyperspeed Rush Road!!

Premiera: 1 sierpnia 2020 roku

Każdy booster zawiera 5 kart, a jeden box zawiera 15 boosterów.

Poznane na ten moment karty:

RD/KP02-JP017 Lightning Bolcondor
Level 7 LIGHT Winged Beast Effect Monster
ATK 2200
DEF 1000
COST: Send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard
EFFECT: All face-up monsters your opponent controls with the same Attribute as the monster sent to the Graveyard for the cost of this effect, lose 300 ATK and DEF [x the Level of the monster sent to the Graveyard for the cost of this effect].

Shocklead Dragon
FIRE, Dragon/Effect, Lv 7, ATK 1600, DEF 2500
[Requirement] You can send the top card of your Deck to the GY.
[Effect] The face-up monster your opponent controls with the highest ATK (all of them, if tied) loses ATK equal to [the highest ATK among face-up monsters you control] until the end of this turn. This turn, this card cannot attack, except on Attack Position monsters.

Dark Magician (LEGEND) (Rush Rare)
Level 7 DARK Spellcaster Normal Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2100
(The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense.)

Thousand Knives
Normal Spell Card
Requirement:  You can activate if there’s a face-up “Dark Magician” on your field.
Effect: Choose and destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.

Dark Magic Attack
Normal Spell Card
Requirement:  You can activate if there’s a face-up “Dark Magician” on your field.
Effect: Destroy all Spell & Trap Cards on your opponent’s field.

Fullmeteor Impact
Level 7 FIRE Rock-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2500
Requirement: You can activate this during the turn this card was Normal Summoned, if you control a face-up monster [Level 7 or higher/Spellcaster-Type], by sending this face-up card to the Graveyard.
Effect: Destroy all face-up monsters [Level 6 or higher] your opponent controls.

RD/KP02-JP043 属性変更弾 Zokusei Henko Dan (Attribute Change Blast)
Normal Spell Card
COST: Activate by revealing 1 monster in the hand to the opponent.
EFFECT: Choose up to three face-up monsters on your opponent’s field. During this turn, the Attribute of that monster(s) becomes the same as the Attribute of the monster revealed for this effect’s COST.

Żródło: Shocking! DM is rehashed in here!
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RD/KP02-JP042 神風剣 Kamikaze Blade
Normal Spell Card
Requirement: None
Effect: Select 2 face-up Normal Monsters you control and 1 face-up monster (Level 8 or lower) your opponent controls and destroy them.


Daemon no Yobi Fue / The Flute of Calling Daemon
Level 1 DARK Fiend Effect Monster
[Requirement] You can activate this effect if 3 or more Normal Monsters are in your GY and this card is the only monster you control.
[Effect] Send this card you control to the GY. Then, choose 1 Normal Monster in your GY and Special Summon it in face-up Defense Position.


RD/KP02-JP005 Megazowler
Level 6 EARTH Dinosaur Normal Monster
ATK 1800
DEF 2000
全身にツノの生えた恐竜。突撃攻撃は強烈だ。 (Nothing stands in the way of this spike-covered dinosaur!)

RD/KP02-JP029 Super King Rex
Level 8 EARTH Dinosaur Effect Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 2000
REQUIREMENT: During the Main Phase in which this card is Normal or Special Summoned, you can send the top card of your Deck to the GY.
EFFECT: Choose 1 Normal Monster (Level 6 or lower/Dinosaur) in your GY, Special Summon it in a face-up position.

RD/KP02-JP048 Shiryo no Sokubaku (Spirit Shackles)
Normal Trap Card
REQUIREMENT: You can activate when an opponent’s monster declares an attack.
EFFECT: Until the end of the turn, the attacking monster loses 100 ATK x [the number of monsters of the same Type as that monster in the opponent’s Graveyard].


Gyokutama no Kami Diane Cécht / Dian Keto the Gold-digging Master
Level 8 LIGHT Aqua
ATK 2500
DEF 1000
[Requirement] Activate by sending 1 card from your hand to the GY.
[Effect] Gain 1000 LP.
-Rush Duel-

Innocent Lancer
Level 6
[Requirement] Send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard.
[Effect] This turn, this card inflicts piercing battle damage.(When it attacks a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the attacking monster’s ATK, inflict the difference as battle damage.)
-Rush Duel-


RD/KP02-JP006 バブリー・エルフ Bubbly Elf
Level 2 WATER Aqua Normal Monster
ATK 800
Her soft and smooth appearance from the good ol’ days. She loves to party deep down, but she’s a bit too bookish to really boogie. She’s besties with her pal One-Length LaMoon, constantly paging each other.
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RD/KP02-JP007 ワンレン・ラムーン One-Len LaMoon (One-Length LaMoon/Fashionable ‘Do LaMoon)
Level 3 LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster
ATK 1200
(A witch who has escaped her mundane ordinary routine. Her lunar magic captivates guys who are willin’ to pick up a pretty lady, as well as pay the bill for a nice meal. Kanan the Ganguro Swordmistress is her BFF.)


ガングロ剣士カナン Ganguro Senshi Kanan (Kanan the Ganguro Swordsmistress)
Level 4 LIGHT Aqua Normal Monster
ATK 1400
不夜城を主戦場とする女戦士。ガングロになっても剣と盾は手放せなかった。バブリー ・ エルフはズッ友。
A lady warrior whose main battlefield is the nightless clubs of the city. Even her sword and shield she’d never relinquish have been dolled up in the totally tubular Ganguro style. She’s gal pals with Bubbly Elf.


RD/KP02-JP028  獣機界王カタパルト・デビルコング Catapult Devilkong, King of the Beast Gear World
Level 7
[Requirement] Activate by sending up to 2 face-up monsters (Beast-Warrior-Type) on your field, except this card, to the Graveyard.
[Effect] Choose a number of Defense Position monsters on your opponent’s field up to [the number of monsters sent to the Graveyard for the requirement of this effect] and destroy them.
-Rush Duel-


RD/KP02-JP009 獣機界ジャイロ・ジャッカル Jukikai Gyro Jackal (Beastgear World Gyro Jackal)
Level 3 WIND Beast-Warrior-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1100
DEF 800
A beast that regularly runs wild in search of pleasure. He’s the stingy kind of guy who’s only willing to pick fights with opponents he knows he’ll win against, but he’s weak against unexpected counterattacks. He tends to get full of himself when he forms a band, which gives him a false impression of his real worth, as he hasn’t realized yet that he’s useless on his own.
=Rush Duel=


RD/KP02-JP004 マンモスの墓場 Mammoth no Hakaba (Mammoth Graveyard)
Level 3 EARTH Dinosaur-Type Normal Monster
ATK 1200
DEF 800
A mammoth that protects the graves of its pack and is absolutely merciless when facing grave-robbers.


RD/KP02-JP050 猛吹雪 Mou Fubuki (Driving Snow)
Normal Trap Card
Requirement: You can activate when a Trap Card on your field is destroyed by an opponent’s effect.
Effect: Choose 1 Spell or Trap Card on either side of the field and destroy it.


Harpie Girl
Level 2
A Harpie chick who aspires to flit about beautifully and gorgeously, but attack sharply.
-Rush Duel-


Blue Potion (Blue Medicine)
Spell Card
[Requirement] None.
[Effect] Gain 400 LP.
-Rush Duel-

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