Equip / Spell
Equip only to "Jinzo". While this card is equipped, the equipped monster's effect does not negate the effects of its controller's Trap Cards. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the equipped monster. This card's activation and effect cannot be negated. 
CARD ID: 00303660
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Amplifier


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Ancient Sanctuary AST-040 Super Rare0.45€1.46€1.35€
Champion Pack: Game Six CP06-EN017 Common0.25€1.00€1.37€
Dark Revelation Volume 2 DR2-EN152 Rare0.11€0.57€0.56€

Card Trivia

 Jinzo appears in this card's artwork.
So far, this is the only Equip Spell Card whose activation cannot be negated.
This card's OCG/TCG artwork is taken from , specifically from the panel showing Jinzo being equipped with this card. However, its hands are raised in this artwork in contrast to that manga appearance.
His hands are also bare, compared to Jinzo’s anime appearance where he wears gloves.


Previously Official Rulings

Note that "
Amplifier"s activation and effect cannot be negated. This is written on the card.

It is the controller of "Jinzo" equipped with "Amplifier", not the controller of "Amplifier", that can activate Trap Cards.

If you equip "Amplifier" to your opponent's "Jinzo", then your opponent can activate Trap Cards and they will not be negated.

If you control 2 "Jinzos" and only 1 is equipped with "Amplifier", you cannot activate Trap Card"Jinzo with Amplifier", your Trap Cards are not negated and their effects are applied, including "Aqua Chorus", "Royal Command", "Royal Oppression", "Coffin Seller", "Forced Requisition", "Mirror Wall", "Gravity Bind", "Rivalry of Warlords", "Minor Goblin Official", "Final Attack Orders"Pitch Black Power Stone", "Bad Reaction to Simochi", "Skull Invitation", "Skull Lair", "The Eye of Truth"Spirit Invitation", "Respect Play", "Ring of Destruction", "Metalmorph", "Torrential Tribute", "Self-Destruct Button", "Zero Gravity", and "Big Burn".

If you activate "Mask of Restrict" and you have "Jinzo" with "Amplifier", "Mask of Restrict" is not negated and its effect still applies, so neither player may Tribute.

If the controller of "Jinzo" with "Amplifier"Regulation of Tribe", "Spatial Collapse", "Robbin' Goblin", "Robbin' Zombie", "Curse of Darkness", etc., their effects are not negated, but if the opponent activates them, they ARE negated.

If your "Amplifier" is switched from your "Jinzo" to your opponent's "Jinzo" with "Tailor of the Fickle", then your Jinzo is not destroyed.

You cannot activate a card that would cause an infinite loop because its effect cannot resolve completely. Example #1: You activate "Snatch Steal" targeting your opponent's "Jinzo". You then equip "Jinzo" with "Amplifier". You cannot activate "Imperial Order" because it cannot resolve completely (it would negate "Snatch Steal", returning "Jinzo" to your opponent, which would negate "Imperial Order" so "Snatch Steal" would re-activate). If you activate "Imperial Order" by mistake in such a situation, flip it face-down again. Example #2: you control "Jinzo" equipped with "Amplifier" and "Skill Drain". Your opponent cannot activate "Royal Decree".