Zombie Master

Zombie / Effect  DARK / 4
Once per turn: You can send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard, then target 1 Level 4 or lower Zombie-Type monster in either player's Graveyard; Special Summon that target. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect.
CARD ID: 17259470
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Zombie Master


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Gold Series: Haunted Mine GLD5-EN019 Common0.05€0.21€0.18€
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega Pack LCJW-EN202 Common0.40€0.47€0.70€
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde SR07-EN010 Common0.02€0.13€0.05€
Tactical Evolution TAEV-EN039 Super Rare0.09€0.41€0.77€
Tactical Evolution TAEV-EN039 Ultimate Rare5.00€12.70€9.67€
Turbo Pack: Booster Six TU06-EN006 Rare0.15€0.33€0.38€
Zombie World Structure Deck SDZW-EN016 Common0.02€0.12€0.13€

Card Trivia

 Skull Servant and Reborn Zombie appears in this card's artwork.
The artwork of Dark Eruption appears to depict the aftermath of this card's artwork.
This monster appears in the card artwork of Uni-Song Tuning.


OCG Rulings

Sending one Monster Card from your hand to the Graveyard is a cost to activate the effect of "Zombie Master". This effect targets one Level 4 or lower Zombie-Type monster in the Graveyard.: Effect Monster > Zombie Master

If the Zombie-Type monster targeted by an effect like "Book of Life" or "Mezuki" or "Zombie Master" is not a Zombie-Type monster at resolution - for example, "Mystical Space Typhoon" was chained and destroyed "Zombie World" - then the effect which Special Summons the monster from the Graveyard is not applied. Also, for "Book of Life

Previously Official Rulings

This card’s effect
targets 1 Level 4 or lower Zombie-Type Monster when activated.

If you activate “Zombie Master’s” effect, and an effect is chained that removes “Zombie Master” from the field or flips it face-down, the effect disappears and you cannot Special Summon the targeted monster.

You can Special Summon the monster sent to the Graveyard as a cost to activate this effect.

You cannot activate "Zombie Master's" effect if there are no Level 4 or lower Zombie-Type monsters in the Graveyard, even if you would discard one to activate the effect.

Judge List Rulings

Zombie Master's" effect is a Spell Speed 1 effect, so you can't chain it to a Spell Speed 2 effect like "Book of Moon", "Bottomless Trap Hole", "Torrential Tribute", "Compulsory Evacuation Device", etc.: Clarification on Zombie Master-effect negated?