Trickstar Holly Angel

Fairy / Link / Effect 
2 "Trickstar" monsters
Each time a "Trickstar" monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned to a zone(s) this card points to, inflict 200 damage to your opponent. "Trickstar" monsters this card points to cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. If your opponent takes damage by a "Trickstar" monster's effect: This card gains ATK equal to the damage they took, until the end of this turn.

ATK/2000 [LINK-2] 
CARD ID: 32448765
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Trickstar Holly Angel


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
2018 Mega-Tin Mega Pack MP18-EN063 Ultra Rare0.09€0.43€0.61€
Code of the Duelist COTD-EN044 Ultra Rare0.10€0.59€0.58€
Duel Power DUPO-EN072 Ultra Rare0.02€0.14€0.18€

Card Trivia

 This monster appears in the artworks of Trickstar Light Stage, Trickstar Perennial, Trickstar Reincarnation, Trickstar Scatter and Trickstar Temptation.
Like the other Trickstar monsters, this card is named after a flower: the hollyhock.
This could reflect this monster's owner, Skye Zaizen, whose name translates to hollyhock.
This card is the first Fairy Link Monster.
In the anime, this monster has a white undershirt, despite the Japanese artwork depicting her with a cleavage window.
This make it one of the few cases where the monster is censored in the Japanese Version of anime but not in OCG.


OCG Rulings

If 2 “Trickstar” monsters are Special Summoned to the Zones linked to "Trickstar Holly Angel", but both monsters were Special Summoned at the same time by the effect of "Soul Charge", and the effect of "Trickstar Holly Angel" is only applied once. (Your opponent takes 200 damage.)