Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

  Normal / Trap
When a monster that was Special Summoned this turn activates its effect on your opponent's field: Negate that effect, and if you do, destroy that card. 
CARD ID: 29616929
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
2014 Mega-Tin Mega Pack MP14-EN110 Super Rare-,--€-,--€-,--€
Astral Pack Six AP06-EN003 Ultimate Rare-,--€-,--€-,--€
Judgment of the Light JOTL-EN077 Super Rare-,--€-,--€-,--€
Master of Pendulum Structure Deck SDMP-EN038 Common-,--€-,--€-,--€
Premium Gold: Return of the Bling PGL2-EN069 Gold Rare-,--€-,--€-,--€
Structure Deck: Powercode Link SDPL-EN033 Common-,--€-,--€-,--€

Card Trivia

 Traptrix Atrax, Traptrix Myrmeleo and Traptrix Nepenthes appear in this card's artwork. The card depicts either their true form or pets of them, who lure their prey to the trap.
The events in this card's artwork appears to happen after those of Trap Trick when they fell to the Giant Trap Hole.


OCG Rulings

This card cannot be activated during the Damage Step.: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare

This effect does not target.