The Six Samurai - Irou

Warrior / Effect  DARK / 4
At the start of the Damage Step, if this card attacked a face-down Defense Position monster: Destroy that monster. You must control a face-up "Six Samurai" monster with a different name to activate and to resolve this effect. If this card would be destroyed, you can destroy another face-up "Six Samurai" monster you control instead.
CARD ID: 27782503
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Gold Series 2009 GLD2-EN022 Common0.02€0.40€0.28€
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega Pack LCGX-EN232 Common0.02€0.14€0.13€
Ra Yellow Mega Pack RYMP-EN093 Ultra Rare0.15€0.75€0.79€
Samurai Warlords Structure Deck SDWA-EN008 Common0.02€0.05€0.17€
Strike of Neos STON-EN012 Common0.02€0.09€0.08€

Card Trivia

 The Six Samurai - Irou resembles the blind samurai in the Japanese movie, Zatoichi, and is even wearing a visor.
His long sword resembles a blind man's cane, and the fact that he is DARK-attribute could also be a reference to his blindness.
All The Six Samurai hold different weapons that have something to do with their effects. The Six Samurai - Irou holds a nodachi (a katana with a blade significantly longer than 4 feet).
Irou's sword appears to be sheathed; this would make him the only member of the Six Samurai whose weapon has a physical blade, not one made of energy.
This card appears on the following cards:
Backs to the Wall  
Swift Samurai Storm!
Six Samurai United
Swallow Flip  
Nitwit Outwit
This card is based on Sasaki Kojirō, known for his Turning Swallow Cut and his ill-fated duel with Musashi Miyamoto (the basis of The Six Samurai - Nisashi).
Appropriately, this card appears in the artwork of Swallow Flip, and Sasaki Kojirō was often depicted as favoring a nodachi.
The Swallow Flip relation is supported by the fact Turning Swallow Cut is Tsubame Gaeshi (燕返し) in Japanese, literally translated as Swallow Reversal / Return, which is the Japanese name of the Swallow Flip card.


Previously Official Rulings

The Six Samurai - Irou's" effect that destroys the face-down, Defense Position monster is a Trigger Effect.

Mentions in Other Rulings

The Six Samurai - Zanji: "The Six Samurai - Zanji's" effect activates at the end of the Damage Step. If there are no other "Six Samurai" monsters with a different name face-up on your side of the field when its effect resolves, the effect disappears.
Example 1: If you have "The Six Samurai - Zanji" and "The Six Samurai - Irou" on your side of the field and "The Six Samurai - Zanji" attacks your opponent's face-down "Nightmare Penguin", if your opponent returns "The Six Samurai - Irou" to your hand the "Nightmare Penguin" is not destroyed by "The Six Samurai - Zanji's" effect.
Example 2: If you have "The Six Samurai - Zanji" and "The Six Samurai - Irou" on your side of the field and "The Six Samurai - Zanji" attacks your opponent's Attack Position "Cyber Dragon", if you select to have "The Six Samurai - Irou" be destroyed instead the "Cyber Dragon" will not be destroyed by "The Six Samurai - Zanji's" effect because "The Six Samurai - Irou" will not be on your side of the field when "The Six Samurai - Zanji's" effect resolves.

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