The Flute of Summoning Dragon

  Normal / Spell
Special Summon up to 2 Dragon monsters from your hand. "Lord of D." must be on the field to activate and to resolve this effect. 
CARD ID: 43973174
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: The Flute of Summoning Dragon


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Dark Legends DLG1-EN088 Rare0.35€-,--€0.66€
Dragons Collide Structure Deck SDDC-EN027 Common0.02€0.05€0.06€
Duelist League 17 participation cards DL17-EN013 Rare0.25€-,--€0.28€
Duelist Pack: Battle City DPBC-EN018 Common0.02€0.10€0.14€
Duelist Pack: Kaiba DPKB-EN030 Common0.02€0.09€0.10€
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack LCKC-EN027 Secret Rare0.02€0.24€0.23€
Retro Pack RP01-EN087 Rare0.09€0.29€0.91€
Speed Duel Starter Decks: Duelists of Tomorrow SS02-ENA10 Common0.03€0.16€0.15€
Speed Duel Tournament Pack 1 STP1-EN006 Super Rare0.29€0.47€0.29€
Starter Deck: Kaiba SDK-042 Super Rare0.02€0.16€0.22€
Starter Deck: Kaiba SDK-E039 Super Rare0.02€0.16€0.22€
Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution SKE-031 Common0.02€0.06€0.06€
Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba SDKS-EN023 Common0.02€0.12€0.13€

Card Trivia

 This flute appears being held by King Dragun.
Queen Dragun Djinn holds a lyre with a similar shape to this flute.
This card has a counterpart named The Melody of Awakening Dragon.
The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh is a Kuri support version of this card.


Previously Official Rulings

You can
activate "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" if your opponent controls a face-up "Lord of D." and you do not.

You must Special Summon at least 1 Dragon-Type monster or you cannot activate this card.

You can Special Summon more then 1 Level 5 or higher Dragon-Type without paying Tribute.""

Mentions in Other Rulings

Bottomless Trap Hole: If the opponent has "Lord of D." on the field and activates "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to Special Summon 2 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", you can activate this card and both will be removed from play. "Lord of D." does not protect the Dragons because "Bottomless Trap Hole" does not target. The same situation would occur if only 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" was Special Summoned, "Bottomless Trap Hole" still does not target.

Prohibition: If "Lord of D." is declared with "Prohibition", if it is Special Summoned it "cannot be used", but "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" can be activated.