Straight Flush

  Normal / Trap
If your opponent controls a card in each of their Spell & Trap Zones: Destroy all cards in their Spell & Trap Zones. 
CARD ID: 25173686
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Straight Flush


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Cyberdark Impact CDIP-EN050 Common-,--€-,--€-,--€
Duel Terminal 2 DT02-EN044 Duel Terminal Normal Parallel -,--€-,--€-,--€

Card Trivia

 This card references the straight flush hand in poker, which contains five cards in sequence all in the same suit (such as 10♥, 9♥, 8♥, 7♥ and 6♥).
This has a monster destroying counterpart, Flash of the Forbidden Spell.
This is a watered-down version of Harpie's Feather Duster, just like Flash of the Forbidden Spell is a watered-down version of Raigeki.
This card shares a similar theme and effect to the other cards that reference poker hands: Full House and Three of a Kind.


OCG Rulings

This card does not target.: Straight Flush

This card cannot be activated during the Damage Step.

Monsters treated as Equip Cards on the Spell & Trap Zone are also destroyed.

An "Embodiment of Apophis" in the Monster Zone using its own effect is not treated as a card in the Spell & Trap Zone. (You cannot activate "Straight Flush

Previously Official Rulings

If your opponent controls an "
Embodiment of Apophis" as a Monster Card, it is not counted as a card in the Spell & Trap Card Zone (even though 1 of those Zones cannot be used). So you could not activate "Straight Flush".