Salamangreat Fowl

Cyberse / Effect  FIRE / 4
If a "Salamangreat" monster(s), except "Salamangreat Fowl" is Normal or Special Summoned to your field (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your hand. You can only use this effect of "Salamangreat Fowl" once per turn. You can send 1 "Salamangreat" card from your hand or face-up field to the GY, then target 1 Set Spell/Trap your opponent controls; that Set card cannot be activated this turn.
CARD ID: 89662401
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
OTS Tournament Pack 12 OP12-EN018 Common0.02€0.09€0.11€
Structure Deck: Soulburner SDSB-EN005 Common0.02€0.15€0.18€