Pyramid Turtle

Zombie / Effect  EARTH / 4
When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Zombie-Type monster with 2000 or less DEF from your Deck.
CARD ID: 77044671
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Pyramid Turtle


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Champion Pack: Game Two CP02-EN004 Super Rare9.95€10.00€12.69€
Dark Beginning 2 DB2-EN225 Rare0.02€0.30€0.34€
Duelist League 2 participation cards DL11-EN008 Rare0.10€0.36€0.25€
Gold Series: Haunted Mine GLD5-EN003 Common0.02€0.02€0.11€
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Mega Pack LCYW-EN245 Secret Rare0.80€1.49€1.61€
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Mega Pack LCJW-EN189 Super Rare0.15€0.50€0.39€
Pharaonic Guardian PGD-026 Rare0.09€0.47€0.34€
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde SR07-EN015 Common0.02€0.13€0.09€
Structure Deck: Zombie Madness SD2-EN005 Common0.02€0.15€0.04€
Tournament Pack 5 TP5-EN017 Common0.10€0.10€0.34€
Zombie World Structure Deck SDZW-EN007 Common0.02€0.14€0.08€

Card Trivia

 This monster has a FIRE-searcher counterpart with inverted stats called UFO Turtle.
Pyramid Turtle has more Tortoise characteristics. Turtles have webbed feet and live in aquatic environments but Tortoises can live in arid environments like deserts. Also Tortoises normally have taller shells because Turtles need slimmer shells to swim, something a pyramid would handicap significantly.


Previously Official Rulings

You may
Special Summon a high-level monster with "Pyramid Turtle"s effect (like "Vampire Lord" or "Ryu KokkiSpecial-Summon only monster (like "Spirit of the Pharaoh").

Mentions in Other Rulings

UFOroid: If “UFOroid” attacks an Attack Position “Pyramid Turtle”, first the turn player decides whether to activate the effect of “UFOroid” or not, and if he does, it will be Chain Link 1. If he doesn’t, the opponent has a chance to activate “Pyramid Turtle’s” effect and be Chain Link 1. If he does, it is too late for the turn player to decide to activate “UFOroid’s” effect.

OCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

Skill Drain: The effect of "Skill Drain" only negates the effects of face-up monsters. Thus, effects that activate in the Graveyard - like the effects of "Sangan" or "Pyramid Turtle" - are not negated by "Skill Drain".: While "Skill Drain" is active, can you negate the effects of monsters like "Sangan" which activate in the Graveyard?