Number 11: Big Eye

Spellcaster / Xyz / Effect  DARK / 7
2 Level 7 monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 material from this card, then target 1 monster your opponent controls; take control of that monster. This card cannot attack the turn this effect is activated.

CARD ID: 80117527
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Number 11: Big Eye


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Astral Pack Six AP06-EN002 Ultimate Rare27.00€42.27€42.66€
Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge BLLR-EN066 Ultra Rare1.00€2.23€2.49€
Galactic Overlord GAOV-EN090 Secret Rare4.50€4.71€6.45€
Premium Gold: Infinite Gold PGL3-EN063 Gold Rare1.60€2.66€2.29€
War of the Giants: Round 2 BPW2-EN102 Ultra Rare6.00€4.95€7.25€
War of the Giants Reinforcements WGRT-EN102 Ultra Rare2.40€2.68€2.19€

Card Trivia

 This card's name is the same as the TCG name of Big Eye.
This card was the first Rank 7 Xyz Monster to be released.
This card's effect is a more powerful version of Number 34: Terror-Byte.
This card seems to be based on Fortuno's foreshadowing ability; this card's name is Big Eye, which relates to this ability. Also, just like its effect by taking his opponent's monsters away, Fortuno has the ability to use hypnosis on someone and take control of their will.
In the anime, when this monster detaches an Xyz Material, it absorbs it through its eye. A purple aura then shrouds the targeted monster, and the target switches control.
This card's initial form is an eye followed by a chain of nerves like biological tissues that are forming the monster together since it is a Big Eye. After the monster is formed together, it opens its eye and its unsealed appearance is then fully revealed.
However, the entire process was shown in a close-up look, making it impossible to screenshot the entire sealed form in just a single picture, making Big Eye the first Number summoned on-screen with unclear appearance of its sealed form.
The sealed form of this card is not shown in the dub.
This card is the original Number Fortuno had. He won Number 16: Shock Master from its original holder.
The number 11 can be seen on the front of the outer ring around this card.
This card is the first Number to be Limited (though only in the OCG).


OCG Rulings

Detaching an Xyz Material is an activation cost.: Xyz Monster > Number 11: Big Eye

The effect targets one monster on your opponent's field. You can also select a face-down monster.

You gain control of the monster until it is removed from the field.

After you activate the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye", if "Number 11: Big Eye" is flipped face-down and then face-up, then you can attack with it.: If "Number 11: Big Eye" becomes face-down and then face-up after activating its effect, then can it attack?

After you apply the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye", you retain control of the monster even if "Number 11: Big Eye" is removed from the field or if "Skill Drain" is activated.: If "Number 11: Big Eye" is removed from the field after applying its effect, then what happens to the monster of which you gained control?

Suppose that you use the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye" to gain control of your opponent's "Shooting Star Dragon". If you activate the effect of "Shooting Star Dragon" and banish it, then during the End Phase, its effect will activate and it will Special Summon itself back to its original owner's field.: If you gain control of "Shooting Star Dragon" through the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye" and banish it, then you Special Summon it to which player's field?

When resolving the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye", if you cannot gain control of the targeted monster (such as if the monster is no longer on the field), then you still cannot attack with "Number 11: Big Eye".: If you cannot gain control of a monster through the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye", then can it attack?

If "Light and Darkness Dragon" negates the activation of the effect of "Number 11: Big Eye", then you can attack with "Number 11: Big Eye" during that turn.