Grave Squirmer

Fiend / Effect  DARK / 1
If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Target 1 card on the field; destroy that target.
CARD ID: 48343627
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Grave Squirmer


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
2-Player Starter Deck: Yuya & Declan YS15-END11 Common0.02€0.07€0.09€
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn BP01-EN062 Common0.02€-,--€0.12€
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn BP01-EN062 Starfoil Rare0.05€0.70€0.26€
Dark Legion Starter Deck YS15-ENL13 Common0.02€0.07€0.09€
Duel Terminal 4 DT04-EN054 Duel Terminal Rare Parallel Rare0.39€-,--€0.37€
Duelist Pack: Jesse Anderson DP07-EN008 Super Rare0.02€0.31€0.07€
Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck SDGU-EN020 Common0.02€0.11€0.07€
Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega Pack LCGX-EN195 Common0.02€0.07€0.10€

Card Trivia

 This card looks a lot like Return Zombie.
This card's effect is an upgrade on that of Newdoria.
Despite being fully covered in bandages, this monster is wearing a pair of trousers.