Gozen Match

  Continuous / Trap
Each player can only control 1 Attribute of monster. Send all other face-up monsters they control to the GY. 
CARD ID: 53334471
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Gozen Match


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Crossroads of Chaos CSOC-EN079 Common---
Hidden Summoners HISU-EN060 Super Rare---
Structure Deck: Soulburner SDSB-EN039 Common---
Turbo Pack: Booster Eight TU08-EN011 Rare---

Card Trivia

 This card is the Attribute equivalent to Rivalry of Warlords.
This card also has a Normal Trap Card counterpart, Battle of the Elements.
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai (Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan) and what appears to be a young Enishi, Shien's Chancellor (Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi), appear in this card's artwork fighting one another, while Great Shogun Shien sits in the background. It's Great Shogun Shien because he wears his full red armor and has the blue flame on his chest.
The Master Guide 3 card storylines confirm that this artwork's events are a sparring match between Kizan and Enishi.
Another version of the battle between Enishi, Shien's Chancellor and Grandmaster of the Six Samurai can be seen in Shien's Dojo, when they were members of the Legendary Six Samurai.
The samurai fighting one another is indicative of the effect this card would have upon the Six Samurai; since the Six Samurai are of many different Attributes, they would be unable to function with this card on the field, and their owner would have to choose which one(s) to use, and be unable to gain the full benefit of the Samurai working together.
The symbol on the armor of Great Shogun Shien is seen overlapping the Six Samurai symbol.


TCG Rulings

“Rivalry of Warlords” and “Gozen Match” are Continuous Trap Cards that make it so you can only control face-up monsters of 1 Type (for Rivalry) or 1 Attribute (for Gozen).: Card FAQ: "Rivalry of Warlords" & "Gozen Match"

When this Trap Card’s activation resolves, look at the face-up monsters you control. If they all have the same Type/Attribute, you don’t have to do anything else. If there are different Types/Attributes, you choose 1 Type/Attribute to keep, and send your face-up monsters that aren’t that Type/Attribute to the Graveyard.

While Rivalry/Gozen is active and you have a face-up monster, you "cannot" Summon monsters that are a different Type/Attribute from the monster(s) you already control.

So you can’t do any of the following to put a monster with the wrong Type/Attribute on your side of the field:
Normal Summon
Tribute Summon
Flip Summon
Xyz Summon
Synchro Summon
Fusion Summon
Special Summon with a monster’s own effect.
Activate a card or effect that can only Special Summon monsters of the wrong Type/Attribute (including effects that could theoretically Summon anything, but currently cannot, such as “Monster Reborn” when you control Spellcasters but the only monsters in the Graveyard are Zombies).

While Rivalry/Gozen is active, you can still Set monsters of any Type/Attribute, and you can Special Summon monsters of the wrong Type/Attribute face-down. But you can’t Flip Summon them afterwards, and they’re sent to the Graveyard after damage calculation if your opponent attacks them. (Also, in that case, you "won’t" get the effects of cards that need to be destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, because they’re sent to the Graveyard by the Trap Card’s effect instead. But Flip Effects will still activate.)

You can activate cards and effects that would Summon the same Type/Attribute monster as you have on the field.

You can also activate cards that would Summon more than one Type/Attribute of monster. The results depend on what you have on the field:
:If you DON’T control any monsters: You can activate cards that would Summon monsters with more than one Type/Attribute. All of them are Summoned, but you must immediately pick one Type/Attribute and send all others to the Graveyard.
:If you already DO control a monster: First of all, if the Summoning effect targets, you can only target monsters with the right Type/Attribute.
:However, you can also activate cards that would Summon lots of monsters without targeting (like “Return from the Different Dimension”), as long as at least 1 of them is the right Type/Attribute. In this case, only the right monsters are Summoned to the field.

The same rule applies to the “Gladiator Beast” monsters. You can return a Gladiator Beast to your Deck and activate its effect as long as there is another Gladiator Beast in your Deck that you COULD Summon that is the same Type/Attribute as the one you returned. However, if you have no face-up monsters when the effect resolves, you can Summon any Type/Attribute of monster.

You "can" take control of an opponent’s monster that’s the wrong Type/Attribute with a card like “Mind Control.” If you do, it’s sent to the Graveyard immediately after you gain control of it.

If you control no face-up monsters, you can Summon a monster of any Type/Attribute. Also, if Rivalry/Gozen is being negated, you can Summon monsters of any Type/Attribute. If it stops being negated, you have to send monsters to the Graveyard until you control only 1 Type/Attribute again, just like if Rivalry/Gozen

Judge Program Forum Rulings

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In a
Tag-Team Duel, the effect of "Gozen Match" would only be applied to the person that activates the card and the opponent seated directly across from them.: Tag Dueling: Gozen Match

OCG Rulings

"Elemental Mistress Doriado", "Light and Darkness Dragon", and "Dark Simorgh" will always be sent to the Graveyard by "Gozen Match". However, since it only has one Attribute while in the hand/Graveyard or while face-down on the field, it can still be Normal/Special/Flip Summoned (however, it will immediately be sent to the Graveyard).: With "Gozen Match", will monsters with multiple Attributes like "Elemental Mistress Doriado" be sent to the Graveyard?

If "Gozen Match" is activated, then you can only activate the effect of "Lonefire Blossom" if you have a FIRE Plant-Type monster in your Deck; you cannot activate the effect if you do not have any FIRE Plant-Type monsters in your Deck. However, if "Lonefire Blossom" Tributes itself and afterwards there are no monsters on your field, then when resolving the effect of "Lonefire Blossom" you can choose to Special Summon a WIND monster like "Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

Previously Official Rulings

Monsters with multiple
Attributes, like "Light and Darkness Dragon" are sent to the Graveyard when "Gozen Match" resolves.

While "Gozen Match" is face-up on the field, you can Summon monsters with multiple Attributes, such as "Light and Darkness Dragon" or "Elemental Mistress Doriado", but they will be immediately sent to the Graveyard.

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