Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Psychic / Tuner / Effect  LIGHT / 3
When a monster on the field activates its effect, or when a Spell/Trap that is already face-up on the field activates its effect (Quick Effect): You can send this card from your hand or field to the GY; destroy that card on the field. You can only use this effect of "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" once per turn.
CARD ID: 59438930
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
2016 Mega-Tins CT13-EN012 Super Rare5.25€6.63€6.01€
Crossed Souls CROS-EN033 Secret Rare25.90€31.04€31.81€
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack LCKC-EN078 Ultra Rare5.90€7.29€7.21€
OTS Tournament Pack 5 OP05-EN001 Ultimate Rare58.99€69.60€70.23€
Premium Gold: Infinite Gold PGL3-EN052 Gold Rare6.39€7.77€8.13€

Card Trivia

 Despite the more common meaning of Yuki being Snow, this card's name translates to Ghost Rabbit instead of Snow Rabbit, due to the Kanji used being 幽鬼 instead of the 雪 for Snow.
This is further reinforced by the ghostly rabbit behind her.
Specifically its name is a pun on the ユキウサギ (Yukiusagi) a.k.a. the common Mountain Hare (
Lepis timidus").