Curse of Royal

  Counter / Trap
Negate the activation and the effect of a Spell or Trap Card that includes the effect of destroying 1 Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. 
CARD ID: 02926176
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Curse of Royal


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Dark Beginning 2 DB2-EN241 Common0.02€0.22€0.12€
Pharaonic Guardian PGD-044 Rare0.09€0.45€0.40€
Tournament Pack 5 TP5-EN018 Common0.10€0.35€0.52€




OCG Rulings

"Curse of Royal" can only be used against a card that destroys one, and only one, Spell/Trap Card. It cannot be used against a card which destroys multiple Spell/Trap Cards, such as "Heavy Storm".: Can "Curse of Royal" be activated in chain to "Heavy Storm"?

Mentions in Other Rulings

If the effect of "Great Shogun Shien" is applied, when "Magic Jammer"/"Seven Tools of the Bandit"/etc negates the activation of a Spell/Trap Card, the opponent can activate one more Spell/Trap Card.: When "Great Shogun Shien" is face-up on the field, when the activation of a Spell Card is negated with "Magic Jammer" etc, can another Spell Card be activated?

While "Splendid Venus" is on the field, you cannot activate cards like "Magic Jammer" which negate the activation and effect of a Spell/Trap Card.: When "Splendid Venus" is on your field, can the opponent activate "Magic Jammer" or "Magic Drain"?

If your opponent activates "Magic Jammer" at Chain Link 2 while controlling "Bountiful Artemis", after resolving the chain, the last event to occur is the resolution of "Magic Jammer" and the drawing from "Bountiful Artemis". At this time, you can activate "Appropriate: After "Dark Bribe" resolves and the event is considered "drawing", can "Appropriate" be activated?

Previously Official Rulings

You can only
activate "Curse of Royal" as a chain to a Spell or Trap Card that would destroy 1 (and ONLY 1) Spell or Trap Card.

You can use Curse of Royal against cards like "Magic Jammer", "Seven Tools of the Bandit", "Solemn Judgment", "Curse of Royal", "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Dust Tornado", "Magic Drain", "Riryoku Field", "Judgment of Anubis", etc.

You cannot use "Curse of Royal" against "Heavy Storm" or "Harpie's Feather Duster".

Mentions in Other Rulings

Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord:" When you activate multiple Counter Trap Cards in the same Chain, the last one to resolve and negate an effect will be applied to "Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord's" effect.
Example: Your opponent activates "Pot of Greed". You chain "Magic Jammer". Your opponent chains "Seven Tools of the Bandit". You chain "Curse of Royal". When the Chain resolves, "Magic Jammer" is your last Counter Trap Card that resolves and negates your opponent's "Pot of Greed", so you will be able to Special Summon "Van'Dalgyon the Dark Dragon Lord" and activate its "inflict 1500 damage" effect.