Consolation Prize

  Normal / Trap
If a monster(s) is sent from the hand to the GY: Target 1 of them; Special Summon it to your field. You can only activate 1 "Consolation Prize" per turn. 
CARD ID: 63413494
STATUS TCG: Unlimited
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Soul Fusion SOFU-EN081 Rare0.02€0.05€0.03€

Card Trivia

 F.A. Sonic Meister appears in this card's artwork.
Sonic Meister is likely being rebuilt after the crash in F.A. City Grand Prix, before being upgraded into F.A. Dawn Dragster (as shown in F.A. Test Run).
Holograms of Dawn Dragster and F.A. Dark Dragster are shown in the foreground, a reference to their ongoing rivalry that leads into their final showdown, which Dawn Dragster wins.