Burial from a Different Dimension

  Quick-Play / Spell
Target up to 3 banished monsters; return them to the Graveyard. 
CARD ID: 48976825
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Burial from a Different Dimension


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Champion Pack: Game Eight CP08-EN010 Rare0.25€0.94€0.89€
Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck SR04-EN025 Common0.02€0.21€0.17€
Duel Terminal 3 DT03-EN044 Duel Terminal Super Parallel R7.49€-,--€11.06€
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2 DP03-EN026 Ultra Rare0.49€5.88€6.89€
Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck SDLS-EN029 Common0.02€0.09€0.13€
Structure Deck: Zombie Horde SR07-EN032 Common0.02€0.36€0.19€
The Secret Forces THSF-EN051 Super Rare0.04€0.24€0.25€

Card Trivia

 This card is a greatly improved version of Miracle Dig.
This card's background is similar to D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation.
Soul Release is this card's antithesis.
Older Spanish prints of this card used the word regresar instead of devolver for the term return.


TCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

Playful Possum: If "Playful Possum" is destroyed by its own effect then removed from play from the Graveyard and then later returned by "Burial from a Different Dimension" it will not be Special Summoned.

OCG Rulings

When "Miracle Dig" or "Burial from a Different Dimension" return removed from play cards to the Graveyard, the cards are not treated as being sent to the Graveyard. Thus, you can activate "Burial from a Different Dimension" and its effect will be applied and return cards to the Graveyard even when the effects of "Macro Cosmos" or "Banisher of the Light" are active.: While the effect of "Macro Cosmos" is active, can removed from play cards be returned to the Graveyard by the effect of "Burial from a Different Dimension"?

"Burial from a Different Dimension" and "Miracle Dig" can only be activated by selecting monsters which are removed from play face-up. If a monster is removed from play face-down - such as by the effect of "Destiny Hero - Doom Lord" - then it cannot be returned to the Graveyard by effects like that of "Miracle Dig".: If both players know the stats of a card that is removed from play while face-down, then can "Miracle Dig" return it to the Graveyard?

Mentions in Other Rulings

Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings: If "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" is Special Summoned properly as per its text and then sent to the Graveyard, and afterwards "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" is removed from play by a card like "D.D. Crow" and then returned to the Graveyard by a card like "Burial from a Different Dimension", then during your next Standby Phase you cannot Special Summon "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings".: After "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" is removed from play from the Graveyard and then returns to the Graveyard, can it be Special Summoned during the Standby Phase?

Elemental HERO The Shining: When resolving the effect of "Elemental HERO The Shining" which adds cards to your hand, if two "Elemental Hero" monsters were targeted and only one of them is still removed from play - for example, "Burial from a Different Dimension" was Chained and returned to the Graveyard one of the "Elemental Hero" monsters - then the remaining "Elemental Hero" monster is still returned to the hand.: When resolving "Elemental HERO The Shining", if one of the targeted monsters is not removed from play, then can the remaining one be returned to the hand?

Fortune's Future: If "Fortune's Future" cannot return the removed from play "Fortune Lady" monster to your Graveyard - such as if an effect like "Burial from a Different Dimension" is Chained and returns the "Fortune Lady" monster to the Graveyard - then you cannot draw two cards.: When resolving "Fortune's Future", if you cannot return the "Fortune Lady" monster to the Graveyard, then can you resolve the part which draws?

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon: Suppose that "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" banishes itself and an opponent's monster. If "Burial from a Different Dimension

Previously Official Rulings

You may select cards from either players {{sic
Removed Zone. They will be returned to their respective owner's Graveyards.

Mentions in Other Rulings

Evil HERO Infernal Prodigy"Evil Hero Infernal Prodigyremoved from play when Tributed (by "Macro Cosmos", etc.) or after it is Tributed (by "Soul Release", etc.), its effect will still activate in the End Phase. If it is returned to the Graveyard with "Burial from a Different Dimension", its effect will not activate during the End Phase.