Advance Draw

  Normal / Spell
Tribute 1 face-up Level 8 or higher monster you control; draw 2 cards. 
CARD ID: 51630558
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Advance Draw


TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Ancient Prophecy ANPR-EN047 Common0.02€0.25€0.21€
Destiny Soldiers DESO-EN056 Super Rare0.02€0.13€0.36€
Duelist Pack: Yusei 2 DP09-EN021 Common0.02€0.10€0.14€
Duelist Pack Collection Tin 2010 DPCT-ENY06 Super Rare0.15€0.54€0.41€
Legendary Collection 5D's Mega Pack LC5D-EN047 Ultra Rare0.19€0.31€0.54€

Card Trivia

 Archlord Zerato appears in this card's artwork.
This card's has two counterparts:  Trade-In and Sacred Sword of Seven Stars.
This card's name is a reference to Advance Summoning, the current Japanese term for Tribute Summoning.


TCG Rulings

Tributing 1 face-up Level 8 or higher monster is a cost.: Ancient Prophecy -- Card Rulings (version 1.0)

OCG Rulings

Tributing one Level 8 or higher monster is a cost to activate "Advance Draw".: Spell Card > Advance Draw