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Lista stworzona przez jednego z sędziów. Wrzucam, żeby wszyscy mieli pod ręką.

Prohibition List V2.1 - Now renamed as Psi-Blocker list!
(This list is unofficial as far as the TCG goes, but I still do feel it is a useful reference. As it currently stands, we do not have any rulings from a TCG official source regarding Prohibition or Psi-Blocker. In the event this does change, any differences will be updated, but you should use the one provided by Konami before this one)
What you can and cannot do with a card declared by Psi-Blocker:


Monster Card:

  • Normal Summon or Set
  • Special Summon inherently
  • Use as Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz Material
  • That monster cannot attack
  • Manually change its battle position
  • Its effects that start a Chain cannot be activated. This includes mandatory effects.
  • Its Continuous Effects cannot be applied

Fusion, Synchro, Ritual, and Xyz monster specific:

  • It cannot be Fusion, Synchro, Ritual, or Xyz Summoned properly

Spell/Trap Card:

  • Activate the card, or any of its effects
  • Apply any Continuous Effects
  • Manually Set
    • This also includes Setting a Spell/Trap Card by the effect of Dust Tornado.


Monster Card:

  • Use it to pay a cost. Examples: Trade-In, Enemy Controller, Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, etc.
  • Use it for other card effects. Examples: Reinforcement of the Army, Monster Reborn, etc.
    • It is perfectly legal to add it to your hand from any card location, Special Summon it from any location, target it, affect it by any means.
    • Exceptions: You cannot use it for anything that would perform a Fusion Summon or Synchro Summon.
  • Use it for another monster's Summoning Procedure.
    • This also includes using it as part of a Tribute Summon
  • Changing its battle position via card effect. Examples: A/D Changer, Book of Moon, etc.
  • Apply any lingering effects

Spell/Trap Card:

General things you should know:

  • Psi-Blocker can affects cards that are already on the field. This is due to a textual difference with Prohibition. Psi-Blocker does not have an equivalent to Prohibition's last sentence.
  • With Prohibition, if you declare a card that is already on the field, and it is sent to the Graveyard or is banished, it'll continue to be unaffected by Prohibition until it enters another location.
    • For example, if I declare Sangan with Prohibition while there is a face-up Sangan, and that Sangan is sent to the Graveyard, its effect WILL activate.
  • You can only declare cards that are legal card names in the TCG. This also extends to cards that alter their original name. Tokens cannot be declared.
  • You do not need to declare the full name of a card. You only need to provide enough details that both you and your opponent have a clear understanding as to which card you are referring to.

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