Wątek: [OCG][18SP]Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 1  (Przeczytany 285 razy)

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[OCG][18SP]Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 1
« dnia: 14 Marzec, 2018, 14:13:54 »
A co to za maluszek? Taki mały, fajny secik z jedną nową kartą :D!

Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 1

Data premiery: 24 marca 2018 roku
10 kart w secie
2 karty w boosterze

Nowa karta to:

18SP-JP101 デーモンの降臨 Daemon no Kourin / Advent Skull Archfiend
Dark Fiend / Ritual / Effect
LV6 2500/1200
You can Ritual Summon this card with “Contract with the Abyss”.
(1) This card’s name is treated as “Summoned Skull” while it is in the Monster Zone.
(2) This card on the field cannot be destroyed by battle with non-Ritual Monsters, and cannot be destroyed by the monster effects of non-Ritual Monsters.
(3) If this Ritual Summoned card in its owner’s possession is sent to the GY by an opponent’s card (by battle or card effect, or by being destroyed): You can Special Summon 1 “Summoned Skull” from your hand, Deck, or GY.

A reszta to reprinty:
18SP-JP102 Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord
18SP-JP103 Skull Conductor
18SP-JP104 Dragunity Dux
18SP-JP105 Cyber Dragon Core
18SP-JP106 Metaphys Horus
18SP-JP107 Herald of the Archlight
18SP-JP108 Diamond Dire Wolf
18SP-JP109 Contract with the Abyss
18SP-JP110 Pre-Preparation of Rites

Źródło: JEDNA nowa karta...
« Ostatnia zmiana: 14 Marzec, 2018, 14:15:26 Razmus »
Tududu tududu

Odp: [OCG][18SP]Special Pack 20th Anniversary Edition Volume 1
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: 14 Marzec, 2018, 23:22:10 »
chce to w klaserze, jak bedzie w tcg XD


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