Summoner's Art

  Normal / Spell
Add 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from your Deck to your hand. 

CARD ID: 79816536
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Astral Pack Six AP06-EN011 Super Rare0.60€1.27€4.00€
Master of Pendulum Structure Deck SDMP-EN030 Common0.02€0.47€0.31€
Pendulum Evolution PEVO-EN040 Super Rare0.32€0.84€0.76€
Tactical Evolution TAEV-EN057 Rare0.05€0.53€0.56€


OCG Rulings

Mentions in Other Rulings

When "Thunder King Rai-Oh" is face-up on the field, you cannot activate "Terraforming", "Reinforcement of the Army

Previously Official Rulings

You cannot activate this card if you have no Level 5 or higher Normal Monsters in your Deck.