Moray of Greed

  Normal / Spell
Shuffle 2 WATER monsters from your hand into the Deck, then draw 3 cards. 

CARD ID: 22123627
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Moray of Greed


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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgLowAvgTrend
Astral Pack One AP01-EN010 Super Rare 4.49$ 5.05$3.29€4.94€4.31€
Realm of the Sea Emperor Structure Deck SDRE-EN029 Common 2.00$ 3.02$1.20€2.98€2.28€
Stardust Overdrive SOVR-EN058 Short Print 1.99$ 2.94$1.45€3.10€2.39€


TCG Rulings

Returning 2 WATER monsters to the Deck is an effect, not a cost.: Stardust Overdrive Sneak Peek -- Card Rulings (Version 1.0)

If you have less than 2 WATER monsters in your hand when this card resolves, it will resolve without effect.

OCG Rulings

The text "Return 2 WATER monsters from your hand to the Deck" of "Moray of Greed" is performed at resolution. It is not an activation cost.: Spell Card > Moray of Greed