Lord of D.

Spellcaster / Effect  DARK / 4
Dragon-Type monsters on the field cannot be targeted by card effects.

CARD ID: 17985575
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Booster Pack Collectors Tins 2002 BPT-004 Secret Rare7.90€8.13€11.64€
Dark Legends DLG1-EN087 Common0.28€-,--€0.26€
Dragons Collide Structure Deck SDDC-EN015 Common0.02€0.13€0.09€
Duelist League 17 participation cards DL17-EN001 Rare0.29€-,--€0.84€
Duelist Pack: Battle City DPBC-EN017 Common0.02€0.22€0.07€
Duelist Pack: Kaiba DPKB-EN009 Common0.02€0.05€0.09€
Retro Pack RP01-EN086 Rare0.15€0.30€0.22€
Starter Deck: Kaiba SDK-041 Super Rare0.02€0.23€0.15€
Starter Deck: Kaiba SDK-E038 Super Rare0.02€0.23€0.15€
Starter Deck: Kaiba Evolution SKE-016 Common0.02€0.02€0.16€
Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba SDKS-EN011 Common0.02€0.04€0.05€

Card Trivia

 This monster appears in the artworks of Grief Tablet and The Melody of Awakening Dragon.
The D. in this card's name stands for Dragon.
In Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, this monster is named Lord of Dark(ness).
This card has a female counterpart: Lady of D..
They share the same DEF, Attribute, Type and Level.
She protects Dragons from battle while this card protects them from targeting effects.
Each are seen in the artworks of different Dragon-Type monsters that are stored in the Extra Deck, have upgraded versions of their respective effects, and depict them as having merged with a Divine Dragon and holding The Flute of Summoning Dragon.
Both of these Monsters are joked about, due to the sexual connotations of their TCG names.
This card has a Retrained counterpart: The King of D.


OCG Rulings

The effect of "Bottomless Trap Hole" does not target. Thus, if "Lord of D." is on the field, then you can still activate "Bottomless Trap Hole: Does the effect of "Bottomless Trap Hole" target the Normal Summoned/Flip Summoned/Special Summoned monsters?

Previously Official Rulings

Lord of D." cannot negate effects; he only prevents Dragon-Type monsters from being selected as targets of effects. Once a target has been selected, the effect of "Lord of D." is irrelevant.

If your opponent activates "Ring of Destruction" targeting your "Lord of D." and you chain "D. Tribe" to change "Lord of D." to Dragon-Type, "Ring of Destruction" will still resolve and destroy "Lord of D." since he was selected as a target before he was changed into Dragon-Type. If your opponent activates "Ring of Destruction" targeting a Dragon-Type monster you control and you chain "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Lord of D." from your Graveyard, your Dragon-Type monster is still destroyed for the same reason.

If you have "Lord of D." on the field, and activate "Premature Burial" to Special Summon a Dragon-Type monster from your Graveyard, that is okay, but if your opponent later destroys "Premature Burial" your Dragon-Type monster is also destroyed because "Premature Burial" is NOT selecting your Dragon-Type as a target.

While you have "Lord of D." on the field you cannot equip your Dragon-Type monsters with Equip Spell Cards, but if you already have a Dragon-Type monster equipped with an Equip Spell Card when you Summon "Lord of D.", the Equip Spell card is not destroyed or negated, because "Lord of D." only prevents Dragon-Type monsters from being selected as a target.

"Lord of D." will NOT stop "Dark Hole", "Mirror Force", "Raigeki", "Fissure", "Smashing Ground", "Hammer Shot", or "Amazoness Archers", nor will he protect your Dragon-Type monsters from their effects, since these cards affect the whole field and do not select targets.

Mentions in Other Rulings

Array of Revealing Light:" This card does not target, so the effects of "Lord of D."will not protect monsters from this card's effect.

Bottomless Trap Hole:" If the opponent has "Lord of D." on the field and activates "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" to Special Summon 2 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", you can activate this card and both will be removed from play. "Lord of D." does not protect the Dragons because "Bottomless Trap Hole" does not target. The same situation would occur if only 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" was Special Summoned, "Bottomless Trap Hole" still does not target.

Creature Swap:" "Lord of D." does not prevent Dragon-Type monsters from being selected

Fairy Box:" The effect of "Fairy Box" does not target, so "Lord of D." will not prevent "Fairy Box" from reducing the ATK of an attacking Dragon-Type monster to 0.

Horus' Servant:" "Horus' Servant" has an effect just like "Lord of D.", but only applicable to "Horus the Black Flame Dragon". "Horus' Servant" will not negate a card effect. All it does is prevent "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" from being selected as a target. If your opponent selects "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" as a target (with "Ring of Destruction", for example), and you chain "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Horus' Servant", then "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" will still be destroyed by "Ring of Destruction" because "Horus' Servant" is being Special Summoned AFTER "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" was selected. The fact that "Ring of Destruction" has not yet resolved does not matter; "Horus the Black Flame Dragon" was selected at activation of "Ring of Destruction", and "Horus' Servant" is Special Summoned too late to prevent this.

King Dragun:" Your opponent cannot target a Dragon-Type Fusion Monster with "De-Fusion" while"Lord of D." is on the field because "De-Fusion" targets.

King Dragun:" "Divine Wrath" is NOT a card that targets, so "Divine Wrath" may be used against Dragon-Type monsters while"Lord of D." is on the field.

Last Turn:" "Last Turn" does not target so you can selecta Dragon-Type monster while"Lord of D." is on the field

Lava Golem:" Since Tributed monsters are not considered to be targeted, you can use "Lava Golem" and Tribute your opponent's Dragons even if he has "Lord of D." on the field.

Patrician of Darkness:" If you control "Patrician of Darkness" and "Lord of D." you may still choose Dragon-Type monsters on your side of the field as attack targets.

Prohibition: If "Lord of D." is declared with "Prohibition", if it is Special Summoned it "cannot be used", but "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" can be activated.

Spear Dragon:" The effect of "Lord of D." will not prevent the effect of "Spear Dragon" from changing it to Defense Position after it attacks.

The Flute of Summoning Dragon:" You can activate "The Flute of Summoning Dragon" if your opponent controls a face-up "Lord of D." and you do not.

Yomi Ship:"This card does NOT target. So it will destroy a Dragon even if "Lord of D." is in play, etc.