Inherited Fortune

  Normal / Trap
Activate during the turn a face-up "Fortune Lady" monster you control was destroyed. Special Summon up to 2 "Fortune Lady" monsters from your hand during your next Standby Phase. 

CARD ID: 20057949
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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgTrend
Stardust Overdrive SOVR-EN067 Rare0.03€0.20€0.14€


TCG Rulings

You cannot activate this card during the Damage Step.: Stardust Overdrive Sneak Peek -- Card Rulings (Version 1.0)

You can activate “Inherited Fortune” even if you cannot Special Summon at the time, such as if you activated “Scapegoat” this turn or “Archlord Kristya” is on the field.

You cannot Chain "Royal Oppression" to "Inherited Fortune."

The effect to Special Summon monsters starts a Chainy our Standby Phase.

You can Chain "Royal Oppression" to the effect to Special Summon monsters.

If "Royal Decree" is activated in a Chain to the effect to Special Summon monsters, the effect will still Special Summon the monsters because it is not an effect that activates on the field.

You can activate "Inherited Fortune" even if you have no "Fortune Lady" monsters in your hand.

OCG Rulings

The effects of "Inherited Fortune" do not target.: Trap Card > "Inherited Fortune"

"Inherited Fortune" cannot be activated during the Damage Step.

During your next Standby Phase after "Inherited Fortune" is activated, its effect which Special Summons "Fortune Lady" monsters from your hand starts a Chain Link.: Does the effect of "Inherited Fortune" which can be activated during the Standby Phase start a Chain Link?