Dragon's Mirror

  Normal / Spell
Fusion Summon 1 Dragon-Type Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, by banishing Fusion Materials listed on it from your field or Graveyard. 

CARD ID: 71490127
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Dragons Mirror


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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgLowAvgTrend
Cybernetic Revolution CRV-EN040 Short Print 0.99$ 1.51$0.09€0.96€0.34€
Dark Revelation Volume 4 DR04-EN040 Super Rare 1.33$ 23.39$22.22€32.69€40.61€
Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh DPRP-EN028 Rare 0.99$ 1.44$0.02€0.84€0.54€
Pendulum Evolution PEVO-EN039 Super Rare 1.57$ 1.73$0.20€0.86€0.72€


Previously Official Rulings

If "
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer" is on your opponent’s side of the field, you can activate "Dragon's Mirror" if all the Fusion Material Monsters are on the field; however, if any of them are in the Graveyard, you cannot activate it.

You can use Fusion Substitute Monsters like "King of the Swamp" and "Goddess with the Third Eye" for "Dragon's Mirror".

"Dragon's Mirror" does not target. You select and remove the monsters during resolution.

Mentions in Other Rulings

Non-Fusion Area: You cannot activate "Power Bond", "Miracle Fusion", or "Dragon's Mirror" when this card is active because they are treated as Fusion Summons. You can activate "Fusion Gate", but you cannot activate its effect.