Delinquent Duo

  Normal / Spell
Pay 1000 LP; your opponent discards 1 random card, and if they have any other cards in hand, discard 1 more card of their choice. 

STATUS TCG: Forbidden

CARD ID: 44763025
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YuGiOh! TCG karta: Delinquent Duo


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TCG SetSymbolRarityLowAvgLowAvgTrend
Dark Beginning 1 DB1-EN024 Super Rare 9.94$ 13.83$7.00€14.31€8.33€
Legendary Collection Kaiba Mega Pack LCKC-EN101 Secret Rare 2.44$ 4.17$0.70€4.28€0.92€
Magic Ruler MRL-039 Ultra Rare 6.47$ 16.63$8.80€19.57€15.89€
Spell Ruler MRL-E039 Ultra Rare 7.95$ 41.60$8.80€19.57€15.89€
Spell Ruler SRL-039 Ultra Rare 16.84$ 17.55$8.49€18.12€11.80€
Spell Ruler SRL-EN039 Ultra Rare 13.00$ 18.66$8.49€18.12€11.80€


Previously Official Rulings

Delinquent Duo" may be activated if your opponent has only 1 card in his/her hand.

Mentions in Other Rulings

Backup Soldier: If your opponent activates "Delinquent Duo" and you chain "Backup Soldier" with 2 pieces of Exodia and retrieve the other 3 from your Graveyard you win the Duel before you have to discard for "Delinquent Duo". This is because you check for victory conditions in between steps in a chain, (but not in between two separate effects of a single card like "Graceful Charity").